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The Pacific Islanders' Legend of the Land Under the Land has the same source as the Prophecy of Nefer-rohu. Try to understand Nefer-rohu's words, "I shall speak of what is before my face; I cannot foretell what has not (yet) come." Like all the people of the Earth, that which is before our faces is a celestial land above called Havaiki i ruga in Oceania, and Asia in Egypt. Although we do not see it before our faces, there is a land below the earth which Oceania called Havaiki i raro, and Egypt called Libya. This is also the place down under our feet beyond the opposite side of the planet, in the heavens. In the Pacific, or in North Africa, the most beloved place to be was a place called Havaiki i tapu-tapu-atea, or Kemet (Egypt). This is a place remembered by all great civilizations as the land of the living.

When we travel the Ancient Sites of the world we hear echos of the same story told throughout the generations of each culture. Why? Because, the Ancients "spoke of what was before their faces." It is a form of truth, called Maat in Egypt, which is a result of what has been created, not what has been imagined or theorized. In Greece, Plato called these conjectures of life, "a likely story," as he related the Egyptian concept of Atlantis in Timaeus. In Egypt, Atlantis was simply what was before their faces.

Nefer-rohu speaks of the processes of maturity in a form which is alien to the child that cannot read the heavens. Reconstruct, O my heart, (how) thou bewailest this land in which thou didst begin! To be silent is repression. Behold, there is something about which men speak as terrifying, for, behold, the great man is a thing passed away (in the land) where thou didst begin. Be not lax; behold, it is before thy face! Mayest thou rise up against what is before thee, for, behold, although great men are concerned with the land, what has been done is as what is not done. Re must begin the foundation (of the earth over again). The land is completely perished, (so that) no remainder exists, (so that) not (even) the black of the nail survives from what was fated. Hear he speaks of the exact same process memorialized by User-Maat-Re, Seshat, and Thoth in the Ramessium of Ramesses II and the Ished Tree. User-Maat-Re is the archetype of mature human experience, he is the "Great Man" at the "end times." Before him sits the new king on the Throne in the Tree of Life, symbolically represented by Ramesses II. Before the face of Ramesses II stands Seshat. She is the goddess of all measure, and she is the archetype for all fairy godmothers. Her icon is a magic wand with a seven pointed star between the inverted cow horns of Hathor. Thus, she is the light within an upside down (topsy-turvy) world. Like the disenchanted wife of Havaiki, she understands the value of patience, and the process of facing what will be. Tomorrow is always a miracle to cultures that can believe in the Great One that is the archetype of fairy godmothers. No more blessed event has been bestowed on humanity than the power of the imagination. This power is not without consequence, and therefore, it is the most important aspect of any form civilizations can take. As Napoleon Hill has made clear to the modern world in Think and Grow Rich, "What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe it will achieve."

Look, therefore, beyond that which is between the clouds and the soils of our planet, and see what the ancient seers saw. For sure, there is a land flowing with milk and honey. But, there is also a place where death and destruction can slow the desire to dream of even the most courageous individual. Egypt constructed giant obelisks and great pyramids in the form of a stone they called the Ben Ben. This stone can be found under the tree of life, south of the man lying on his back with the scepter of flint in his hands. It is a time marker. Around 3100 BC, when Egypt was founded to join the two lands, the top of the Ben Ben was the pole star; not the north pole, the south pole. The Ben Ben is composed of alpha, beta, and gamma Hydrus, the three brightest stars in that southern constellation. Alpha Hydrus was less than two degrees from the southern celestial pole. That was why the obelisks were created; to define the proper celestial orientation in the Land Under the Land. Opposite Hydrus on the path of the south celestial pole is the constellation Argo Navis. Together, Hydrus and Argo Navis revolve around the south celestial pole in a journey known as the precession of the equinoxes. Egypt knew this as the journey of the sun in the Barque of Ra over the compressed wisdom of the serpent Apophis. Modern rational understanding perceives science as the process which continues to reveal the order in chaos as the barque of civilization progresses. This perspective fails to recognize that chaos cannot exist in a world of Divine Order. The Ancient Peoples around the world "knew" by "marvelous science" that Divine Order came forth every day. Modern science behaves like Seth, compressing perceived chaos into the folds of the serpent of Cosmic Order.

Progress = Rational Compression of Chaos

This perfect Cosmic Order alignment was demonstrated by a star known today as Archernar, meaning end of the river, which sat six degrees off the south celestial pole in the celestial river Eridanus. This is the same river in which Orion stands under the ecliptic and along side the Milky Way. Circling only 27 degrees from the south pole was the great bird called the Phoenix. The whole story of the Egyptian neters comes from the sky "above" the Ben Ben, in a resurrection of dreams that became reality to children who ventured to understand their ancestors. For them, as for the commoner Nefer-rohu, the stories were reminders of where they came from, and where they would return one day. As they saw it, if they could read the minds and dreams of their ancestors, then their descendants would one day be able to read their minds and dreams, as well. Descendants who followed the enlightenment of the ancestors, travel along the Way of the Dead.

Where the Phoenix swims in the cosmic sea reside several birds. One of these birds caught the attention of the Asiatics. This bird was Aquila. Nefer-rohu mentions it with the these words. "A foreign bird will be born in the marshes of the Northland. It has made a nest beside men. And people have let it approach through want of it." We, and most of our ancestors around the world, idealize the foreign bird, for we desire to "fly like the eagle." We wish to mount up on wings as eagles and never fall into the Land Under the Land again. The number of cultures that have found and adored the eagle is very great. But the cultures of Egypt and Easter Island memorialized the Land Under the Land, as that foundation place through which we all must learn to travel in order to get to the third part of the stars of the heavens. The third part of the stars of the heavens is Kemet, and Havaiki i tapu-tapu-atea. The eagle flies to it. The Elysian Fields are above it. Orion falls though it. And a fountain of youth flows from its deepest fathoms at Archernar. There, standing upon the grave of ancestors grows a great tree which reaches all the way to the flower on the top of the world. The flower is described as a sprig of wheat, a House of Bread, Bethlehem, a Red Pandanus, and a Lotus. Under that flower a great benevolent star shines with nine heavenly bodies racing around it. This place is called the Heliopolitan nome. It is the city of the sun. Thus, when you hear a fool call the Egyptians, Sun Worshipers, ask yourself this simple question. Is better to worship the place where you are, or the place where you want to be?

Egypt knew how to see that which was before their faces. She also knew that children do not need help through lands flowing with milk and honey. Children need help through lands where birds copulate with fishes and all is topsy-turvy. To be sure, Asia is a wonderful and rational place . But it is a place where the living never die, and the dead never return. Libya is a land of darkness, through which great mysterious happenings (voodoo, shamanism) often occur to the senses. By establishing the Gateway to Rostau at Giza, Egypt continues to remind the living that judgment day before the measures of Seshat is always coming. Imitating Orion along the Nile, the Giza complex is a story which came from the heavens. It is a story that tells us that the arrogance of success can cause us to lose our heads and fall into the pits. When we reach the bottom of the world, a learned man, known to us as Aquarius, will come to pour out water for us. If we choose to drink the life giving waters, then we can become that child resting upon the Lotus once more.

This has been a reflection on the greatest stories ever told. Listen to the stories and remember that Nefer-rohu was simply repeating a story that was tens of thousands of years old at the time he entertained Snefru with his words. Reconstruct, O my heart, (how) thou bewailest this land in which thou didst begin! To be silent is repression. Behold, there is something about which men speak as terrifying, for, behold. the great man is a thing passed away (in the land) where thou didst begin. Be not lax; behold, it is before thy face! Mayest thou rise up against what is before thee, for, behold, although great men are concerned with the land, what has been done is as what is not done. Re must begin the foundation (of the earth over again). Upon the Ben Ben stone the world was founded, whether we call it the salvation of Noah in his ark atop Mount Ararat, or the  axis of the Great Potter's wheel, we are beholding to the opportunity to understand that, "what has been done is as what is not done." It is a cycle in a spiral, in which repetition is abundant, but each event is totally unique. That is why the child of silence sits upon a Lotus with his finger before his face. Whatever we say will come to pass, cannot come to pass, and yet, it will be, some how, some where. These words have been offered as proof that the Ancient Ones were truly Great Ones, because they saw a Cosmic Being that was far greater than they. Silence would be repression. So, repeat this story around the world while at the same time keeping it a secret. This topsy-turvy place cannot be understood, until we learn how to understand. That is what imagination and myth is all about.


She of the east side of the river.Beginning again by stretching the cord.Child of the Heliopolitan Nome.   

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